Native American Presentations and Celebrations

The National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration is pleased to present Native American art, artists, performers, and history at this year's event.

Keeping the culture and heritage of the west alive is no small task. A huge part culture includes the Native American. The heritage of the Native American  is alive and well thanks to the Quanah Parker Society and its member. Each year, members of the Quanah Parker Society gather  of that to keep alive Native American heritage as well as to demonstrate beautiful pageantry and music. Over the years, Native Americans have made substantial contributions to the National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration. This annual celebration is a beautiful and colorful display of authentic Native American music, dance, dress, and much more. You will not want to miss the artistry and amazing beauty of this event. Make sure to stop by and experience true Native American heritage in the park area just north of the Civic Center. Admission is free, but the memories you’ll take away from this historical event will last a lifetime. The spirit of the Native American lives on.

For information about scheduling, please check the "Schedules" tab under "Visit," above, and also the concurrent sessions tab - there is a special Quanah Parker Family segment on Saturday in the Civic Center. There are also Native American components in the Wild West Youth Day for students on Friday.